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Puppy Manners - AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
This class is designed for puppies to have fun while learning. Name recognition, sit, down, come, and leash
walking are the focus.    We also cover puppy biting and teach you how to create good habits that last a lifetime.   The ideal age for this class is a pup under  6 months.  We recommend the beginning obedience class for pups 6 months and older.  The next step in puppy training for pups under one year of age, this is a certification course designed by the AKC.  The last class of the session is the test. All pups are eligible, regardless of what breed or mix of breeds.  Learn about the AKC STAR Puppy requirements by visiting the AKC website.

Beginning Obedience (Level 1)
Name recognition, sit, down, come, stay and leash walking are the focus of this class.  We also address in-home behavior issues: jumping on people, running out the front door, etc.  Ideal age for this class is a pup/dog 6 months of age and older. This class focuses on transferring the learning process from teaching to expecting basic responses become habit while the dog learns to take more responsibility for doing the right thing.  Most teams will spend more than one session in this class as they learn and build skills.

Level 2 Obedience 
This class is a bridge for teams  that have successfully completed the Level 1 class.  Teams in this class continue to polish and perfect the performance of exercises, and learn more technical skills.   Teams may spend several sessions in Level 2 prior to moving on to the Level 3 class.

Level 3 Obedience & Canine Good Citizen
This class is for teams  that have successfully completed the Level 1 and Level 2 classes.  Teams in this class continue to build skills and work on the components of the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  The Canine Good Citizen class teaches the AKC CGC curriculum and the last class of the session is the test.  Visit the AKC website to learn about the CGC requirements. All dogs are eligible regardless of breed or mix of breeds. 

Advanced Obedience
The Advanced Obedience class is by coach recommendation only.  This class will focus on attention, heeling, heeling patterns, recalls, sits and downs.  In addition, the class will focus on retrieving, distance work, signal work, etc. in preparation for advanced competition.  Teams in this class have been successful through the Level 3 class and are preparing for obedience competitions or looking to challenge the dog with advanced work (hand signals, retrieving, jumping and scent discrimination). Proofing, show preparation and performance coaching are included in this class.

Brush Up Obedience
The Brush Up Obedience class is just that - a class to review what you and your dog have learned and a chance for each team to re-establish good habits. This class runs on Saturday mornings in the winter only.

Park Adventures
This experience is for the teams who have completed a minimum of Level 2 obedience. We take the curriculum learned in the classroom into the real world environment and work at a local park.

Intro to Rally
The Intro to Rally  class familiarizes the teams with the sport of rally - performing specific obedience exercises on a designed course.

Rally ON
The Rally Obedience class teaches coursework for AKC, UKC, RallyUP, and C-WAGS  rally competition events. Whether you plan to compete for a title or not, this is a fun class with a different twist on obedience exercises. 

Intro to Agility
The Intro to Agility class is a foundation for teams interested in learning about this fun sport.  This class focuses on flatwork and obstacle introductions.  Teams may spend several sessions in the Intro to Agility class prior to being recommended to the Agility 2 & 3 classes.
Puppy / Young Dog Agility
The Puppy / Young Dog Agility class is a foundation for teams interested in learning about this fun sport with a puppy or dog under 1 year of age.  This class focuses on flatwork and coursework without the stress and strain on the dog's joints of the obstacles.  Teams may spend several sessions in this class until the dog is age-eligible to move into the Intro to Agility class.
Agility 2 & 3
The Agility 2 & 3 classes build teamwork on a course through basic and intermediate level sequencing.  Continued education on obstacles includes weave poles, dog walk, chute (closed tunnel) and handling. Teams may spend several sessions in the Agility 2 & 3 classes prior to being recommended to the Advanced Agility class.
Advanced Agility
The Advanced Agility class is for teams that are proficient on all of the obstacles. Teams are constantly challenged with drills and sequences to sharpen performance and enhance competitive skills.  The Advanced Agility class is by coach recommendation only.

Drop-In Conformation
We offer a drop in conformation sessions on Monday evenings.  Conformation is for show dogs; for teams aspiring to and/or actively competing in the show ring to practice ring procedure. 

Intro to Nosework
This class introduces teams to the sport of Nosework; the dogs how to play the game and handlers learn how to recognize and reward indications in a fun environment.  Teams are introduced to two scents in this class, Birch and Cypress.  All work is done indoors with container searches.  

Intermediate Nosework
 This class continues the teams' education on conducting container searches, adds the scents of Anise, Clove and Lemongrass.  This class continues with container searches beyond boxes and weather permitting offers an introduction to outdoor searches. Handlers learn how to reinforce secondary indications.  Most teams are ready to compete in CWAGS Trials Level 1 and ORTs in other registries.

Advanced Nosework
This class focuses on indoor and outdoor searches, increasing the difficulty of the hide / find based on the progression of the teams in the class.  Teams are introduced to multiple finds on a course and learn to successfully navigate courses while negotiating through residual scent.

Therapy Dog
This class teaches the skills necessary to earn a therapy dog certification through several organizations.  Real life skills include visiting public locations. Class includes testing (registration fees are a separate requirement for Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs) if the teams are demonstrating the required skill sets by the end of the session.

Retriever Workshop
This specially designed course covers the basics of training your Retriever to be a hunting companion or hunt test competitor.

Barn Hunt Training
Events and training offered throughout the year. 


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