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Beginning - Intro to Nosework
This class introduces teams to the sport of Nosework; the dogs learn how to play the game and handlers learn how to recognize and reward indications in a fun environment.  Teams are introduced to two scents in this class, Birch and Cypress.  All work is done indoors.  

Intermediate Nosework
This class continues the teams' education on conducting searches (containers, interiors) adds the scents of Anise and Clove.  This class continues with container searches beyond boxes and weather permitting offers an introduction to outdoor searches. Handlers learn how to reinforce secondary indications.  Most teams are ready to compete in AKC Novice containers, UKC pre-trial tests, UKC Novice containers, CWAGS Trials Level 1 and Level 2, and NACSW ORTs.

Advanced Nosework
This class focuses on indoor and outdoor searches, vehicle searches, and containers,  increasing the difficulty of the hide / find based on the progression of the teams in the class.  Teams are introduced to multiple finds on a course and learn to successfully navigate courses while negotiating through residual scent.  Teams are consistently challenged through increasingly technical hides and scenarios.



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